Rent Bistro Bar – Now available at Zipps Liquor in Minneapolis

Portable Keg Cooler

Bistro Bar is a portable keg cooler or jockey box combined with an integrated beer dispensing system ideal for hospitality, caterers, and breweries using them at tailgating, weddings, corporate events, and concert venues. This portable keg cooler improves the experience and convenience over a traditional jockey box because of its all-in-one design, easy set-up, mobility, rugged toughness, and good looks which can go and be used anywhere. Bistro Bar provides a convenient mobile draft beer delivery system and pours the perfect beer.

This unique portable keg cooler or jockey box incorporates many neat features that any event planner or caterer will want to use for their events because of its convenience. The Bistro Bar will reduce the amount of time required to set-up before and tear down after the event so that precious time may be used for something else. Brewers will value the rugged design and air insulation to help reduce the amount of ice used during beer fests. Backyard barbecues will appreciate how the Bistro Bar keeps the beer fresh using the integrated CO2 dispensing system and having the flexibility of dispensing two different types of beer or combine with a root beer.


Today you can offer a portable keg cooler with an attractive draft beer system that can be wheeled out to any part of your facility and can be rented by the use or paid by the glass.


You can take your beer kegs (any size) using the portable keg cooler to your destination and begin pouring almost immediately. Stand out from the competition with a color customized system.


When you are tailgating with your teammates, show off your portable keg cooler and you’ll be the life of the party! No empty cans or bottles to throw.


Large or small events, Bistro Bar can accommodate any concert or private event. Bistro Bar being a portable keg cooler can be easily wheeled to any part of the venue making set-up easy and completed quickly.

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Key Features

Portable/Mobile & Durable

Portable/Mobility – Transport kegs of all sizes.

Durability – Use high density polyethylene to support weights up to 200 lbs.


Ease Of Load – Reduce height of load to 17 inches.

Easy Setup – Setup time within 5 mins.

Storage – Collapsable unit allows stacking up to 9 feet, reducing storage space and fits into compact cars such as a Toyota Corolla.

Dispensing – Convenient dispensing easy to use.



Temperature – Maintain temperature of keg to 36-40° F.

Freshness – Utilize CO2 to maximize freshness. Hand pumps introduce bacteria in the air which reduces freshness. People tend to over pump creating foam.

Aesthetics – Good looks to display at graduations or corporate events.


Plastic wrap option – Wrap Bistro Bar with your own advertisement or personal branding.