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How to assemble Bistro Bar

  1. From storage configuration, unlock and remove table top.
  2. Remove upside down mid-tub.
  3. Load for 2-3 inches ice into the bottom tub.
  4. Load keg into the bottom tub to sit on ice.
  5. Pour excess ice on the sides of the keg.
  6. Flip mid-tub right-side up and twist lock the mid-tub to the lower tub.
  7. On the top side of the table top, feed the beer line through the table top hole and twist lock tower. Hang the table top on the side of the Bistro Bar with the hangar located underneath the table top.
  8. Connect beer line tubing to coupler. (beer connection is the one closest to the handle)
  9. Connect red (black) gas/air line to side connection on coupler (connection opposite of the handle). If using the foot pump from the outside, you would feed the air tube in through the hole located on the back side (wheel side).
  10. Tap keg with the coupler making sure the handle (lever) is not pushed down. If you do, you’ll be soaked in a beer bath!
  11. Connect 20 oz. CO2 canister to regulator, set pressure 10-15 PSI, release pressure from regulator. Tip: Always good to start at 8 PSI and work your way up since each keg is pressurized differently. If using foot pump, step completed on #9.
  12. Mount the table top and twist lock to mid-tub.
  13. Begin dispensing. Ice should keep keg cool for 6-8 hours depending on the outside temperature.


Bistro Bar Minute - Assemble and Dispense

Most common issues when experiencing leaks

Most common issues when experiencing leaks

How to disassemble Bistro Bar

  1. Take off the table top from mid-tub.
  2. Close or shutoff CO2 pressure from regulator, release extra pressure with red release valve. Skip if using foot pump.
  3. Make sure the handle (lever) on the coupler is pointing up or 45 degrees. This will ensure that beer won’t come out of he keg then untap (twist off counter-clockwise) coupler from keg.
  4. Remove the mid-tub from lower tub.
  5. Remove keg from lower tub.
  6. Discard excess water and ice from lower tub.
  7. Flip mid-tub upside down and place on top of lower tub. Secure the lower and mid-tub together with the internal locks.
  8. Place components (tower, coupler, CO2 kit or foot pump) inside.
  9. Secure table top on the upside down mid-tub.
  10. Lock the table top and mid-tub.
  11. Note: After each use, you want to clean the beer lines before storing. If you don’t have a cleaning kit, you may purchase through our site.


Bistro Bar Minute Disassemble

Bistro Bar Minute Storage Components

Bistro Bar Features


Bistro Bar Minute Features

Bistro Bar Cleaning Kits


Bistro Bar Minute Cleaning Kits

Bistro Bar Loading Car


Bistro Bar Minute Loading Car

Bistro Bar Storage


Bistro Bar Minute Storage

Bistro Bar Types of towers


Bistro Bar Minute Towers

Bistro Bar CO2 Kits


Bistro Bar Minute CO2 Kits

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Bistro Bar Minute Foot Pumps

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Bistro Bar Minute Wraps

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Bistro Bar Minute Table Tops

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